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Interpol extradites about 50 criminals to Russia since year beginning

In 2016 extraditions were executed from Mexico and South Korea for the first time

MOSCOW, September 27. /TASS/. Interpol has extradited and deported to Russia about 50 wanted criminals since the beginning of the year, the press service of the Russian interior ministry told TASS on Tuesday.

"About 50 persons wanted by Interpol are annually extradited to Russia to be brought to criminal responsibility. Thus, this year alone, the Russian Bureau of Interpol carried out 48 extraditions and deportations of criminal. Notably, the geography of such extradition is expanding. In 2016, for example, extraditions were executed from Mexico and South Korea, for the first time," the press service said.

Officers of the Russian Bureau annually help find and detain about 100 people wanted by law enforcement agencies in other Interpol member states. "In 2015, a total of 18 such persons were extradited from our country, and six - this year," the press service said.

September 27 is the Russian Bureau of Interpol Day. On that day twenty-six years ago, the former Soviet Union was admitted to Interpol at a session of the General Assembly in Ottawa.