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Over 380 foreign observers, experts working at Russia's parliamentary elections now

Elections to the 8th Russian State Duma are scheduled for September 19

MOSCOW, September 18. /TASS/. More than 380 foreign observers and experts from 80 countries and from various international organizations are currently working at Russia's parliamentary elections, the head of the coordination council of the Russian Public Chamber on public control of the voting Maksim Grigoryev told a briefing on Saturday.

"International observers that are at our public offices, public observance centers in our regions and at polling stations, have joined us as well. Overall, I can say that a number of different institutions and people have arrived," he said.

"The number is quite high - 383 international observers and experts from 80 countries across the world," Grigoryev said, adding that those are particularly "delegates from parliaments, from election committees, social councils of a whole number of countries, foreign ombudsmen."

Moreover, in Russian embassies, foreign representative offices where the voting has been organized, in 51 countries as many as 213 people that have expressed willingness to become observers from the Russian Public Chamber, work.

Elections to the 8th Russian State Duma (lower house) are scheduled for September 19, 2021, known as Single Voting Day. The balloting process will span across three days - September 17, 18, and 19. In addition to the State Duma elections, voters will go to the polls to cast ballots for the heads of nine Russian regions (in another three regions local legislatures will elect top executive officials) and in elections for 39 regional parliaments.