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XCMG Unveils Advanced Emergency and Rescue Equipment Products at China Fire 2021

BEIJING, Oct. 13. /PRNewswire/ XCMG (000425.SZ) is exhibiting emergency and rescue solutions of four major categories - geological disasters, high-rise rescue, petrochemical fires, and flood disasters - at China Fire 2021 which opened on October 12 in Beijing. Ranked in the world's top three exhibitions for fire protection and emergency rescue, the four-day trade show is an international platform for industry-leading products and advanced technologies.

XCMG's launch of emergency rescue solution and products on the opening day of China Fire 2021 unveiled its latest firefighting digital management platform which realizes digital management and control at the rescue scene, visualized management of rescue equipment data and information upgrading of logistic management through IoT.

A highlight of XCMG's exhibition at China Fire 2021 is the firefighting robot with functions of intelligent environment perception, autonomous positioning and automatic obstacle avoidance.

"To ensure the fire safety of key areas such as high-voltage power system converter stations and petrochemical parks, as well as protecting the safety and health of firefighters, we've innovated and developed this firefighting robot to deliver a groundbreaking method of fire rescue," said Li Qianjin, GM of XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment.

It's equipped with the GNSS-RTK high-precision positioning system, binocular depth camera and inertial measurement unit (IMU) and achieves three-dimensional environment perception intelligence with its multi-sensor fusion technology. The robot has centimeter-level positioning capability and all-round obstacle avoidance ability, making it unafraid of any changes in ambient lighting and meets the needs of all-weather fire rescue scenarios.

The JY20G2 multifunctional rescue vehicle wowed the audiences with its "quick switch" technology as the model performed a series of obstacle clearing tasks including crushing, shearing, expanding, cutting, grabbing, lifting and hauling with grace and ease.

"China is a country with frequent occurrences of natural disasters and societal safety incidents that cause billions in economic losses every year. XCMG is exploiting our comprehensive R&D and manufacturing advantages to develop professional products including fire safety equipment, emergency rescue equipment, aerial work machinery, ice/snow removal equipment, walking excavators, multifunctional obstacle removal vehicles and unmanned mining equipment," said Li.

XCMG now has more than 200 technical patents, and the products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions including Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, Indonesia and the Philippines. XCMG is the only Chinese manufacturer to export ultra-high reach fire trucks in batches.

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