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Putin warns Moscow not planning to lose ground on global arena

The president recalled when the anti-Russian campaign began in the world

MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that despite its patience regarding many issues, Russia won’t give up its positions indefinitely.

"Everyone should understand that losing ground should not be expected endlessly," Putin said at the meeting with his authorized representatives.

Putin recalled when the anti-Russian campaign began in the world. "This started a long time ago - just as we started regaining feet, just as we dealt a blow to the terrorists in the Caucasus. Everything was there then: the struggle for supposed democracy, where representatives of Al-Qaeda fought there, and various human rights movements started protecting them there," he said.

The president noted that the 'Kremlin List,' published by the US Treasury Department on Monday, also includes Mikhail Fedotov, who heads the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights. "Does this mean that all human rights activists have been included there [in the list] together with him? Is this the way they want to fight for human rights or will they slap sanctions on those who fight for human rights here?" Putin said.

Putin said the "Kremlin List" also names presidential commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova. "At the same time they [the United States] pose a question on resuming the adoptions of our children by Americans. So, do they want to do this or will they impose sanctions on everyone who is in charge of this sector here? What do they want?" Putin said.

On Monday, the US Treasury Department published the unclassified portion of the 'Kremlin List' that includes all members of the Russian government and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the leadership of the presidential administration and heads of state corporations and banks, and also businessmen with a net worth of $1 billion or more.

The list, which has 210 names, is divided into several sections - the presidential administration, the cabinet of ministers, as well as "political leaders" and "oligarchs." It also has a classified annex with "additional information." The persons on this list "may hold a position below those included in the unclassified report or have a net worth under $1 billion."

This is not a sanctions list and no restrictions are being slapped on those mentioned in the document, the Treasury Department stresses.