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No legal hurdles to stop Russia from potential court win for its property in US — expert

What happened to the Russian property in the US is, in fact, illegal takeover, Gasan Mirzoyev said

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. There are no legal obstacles to settling an imminent claim on Moscow’s US-based property in Russia’s favor, President of the International Association of Russian-Speaking Lawyers (IARL) and President of the Russian Lawyers Guild Gasan Mirzoyev said on Thursday in a conversation with TASS.

"As far as I understand, there are grounds for studying and satisfying the claim in favor of the Russian Federation because our interests and rights were violated: Illegal seizure of property belonging to the Russian Federation occurred," he said. "I don’t see any legal grounds for this case to be declined by the American court. I don’t see any legal objections for studying this case from the legal perspective." At the same time, Mirzoyev noted that "with regard of the unthinkable Russophobian campaign that seized those in power in the US, any outcome is possible."

The IARL president reiterated that the right to property in the US is one of the foundation stones in the American legal system. "As far as I understand, we have the unconditional right to protect Russian property under American law," he said, adding that "the Russian side will address the US judicial authorities to protect its rights." Mirzoyev also expressed his opinion on seizure of the Russian property in the US. "What happened to the Russian property in the US is, in fact, illegal takeover," he said, reiterating that the IARL voiced its protest due to the US illegal actions and released a corresponding document on its website.

Commenting on who might act for Russia in American courts, Gasan Mirzoyev said he hopes they will find high-profile lawyers in the US able to protect Russia’s interests. "We have no right to speak in the US courts, as only American lawyers can speak there," he said. "We will be able to advise them, no doubt. I believe there are many high-profile legal experts in the sphere of property rights protection that will be ready to act for the Russian Federation in the American court."

Actions of American authorities

The US authorities closed the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco, Russian Trade Representation in Washington and its office in New York rented by Moscow on September 2. The first two facilities are Russia’s property and have diplomatic immunity. Moscow regarded seizure of the Russian diplomatic property as an openly hostile act and called on the US authorities to immediately return the facilities. On September 5, at a press conference in China’s Xiamen on the BRICS summit results, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Foreign Ministry to address the American court in connection with seizure of the Russian property.

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