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US Congress has evidence of Biden family’s involvement in terrorism — Ukrainian politician

Andrey Derkach pointed out that "the criminal case that was initiated against Burisma was being actively investigated under [Ukrainian] Prosecutor General [Viktor] Shokin [in 2014-2016]"

MINSK, May 14. /TASS/. The US Congress has documents proving the involvement of US President Joe Biden’s family in funding terrorism, Ukrainian politician, public activist Andrey Derkach said.

Speaking in an interview for BelTA, published on the news agency’s YouTube channel, he pointed out that the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office sent inquiries and addresses from State Duma lawmakers to the US, Germany, France and Cyprus regarding the organization of terror attacks against Russia by the US and other Western states - in particular, the detonation of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

"It is perfectly clear to us that the Biden family, the partners of the Biden family, are confirmed participants in funding terrorism. The current goal of the investigation is - procedurally, via investigative actions - to describe, prove and present the charges," Derkach said.

"We have traced almost all money movements on Burisma and money transfers through Morgan Stanley to Rosemont Seneca. This is a company, affiliated and owned by Biden’s son [Hunter], where he received money. We have proven all money transfers, and the Congress has [date on] all these transfers, and the US Congress is actually using these documents to make a case for influence peddling," the politician said.

Derkach pointed out that "the criminal case that was initiated against Burisma was being actively investigated under [Ukrainian] Prosecutor General [Viktor] Shokin [in 2014-2016]."

"The investigation was not closed until almost 2020, and, at a certain point, the amount of bribes reached $50 million; we have these documents in reports from prosecutors, who were keeping track of this process. But $6 million in cash was handed over to the Ukrainian authorities to close the Burisma case. All this was documented, the person who handed over these funds was detained on camera. It was a Burisma employee, one named Kicha, a lawyer. The entire Europe bore witness to this largest cash bribe of $6 million. These $6 million were seized and acted as evidence until a certain point," the politician said.

"A court ruling made behind closed doors, a clandestine court ruling, which we have also presented, transferred these funds to a Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) military unit for terrorist operations. After that, Nord Stream pipelines started exploding, after that [public figure Zakhar Prilepin’s car] was blown up, a terror attack was carried out - [Daria] Dugina died, a series of terror attacks followed," he explained.

"Ukrainian intelligence heads - be it [SBU head Vasily] Malyuk or [GUR head Kirill] Budanov - they make no secret, if you look at their interviews, that they carry out operations for non-budgetary cash. The entire chain has been established here, and it is clear as day. The Biden family, or, more precisely, partners of the Biden family, sponsored terrorism while evading responsibility for corruption and money laundering in Ukraine," Derkach underscored.

'The Derkach tapes'

In the spring of 2020, then-lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Derkach published audio recordings of Biden demanding that then-President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko fire Prosecutor General Shokin, who opened a criminal investigation against Burisma, where Hunter Biden worked at the time.

The audio recordings caused a major scandal, because they were published ahead of the US presidential election, which Biden ran for. Previously, US President Donald Trump used the topic of Biden’s work in ‘Burisma’ as proof of his rival’s corruption. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said at the time that these tapes could lead to Poroshenko being charged with high treason.