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West methodically pushing destabilization in Iran, say Russian delegates

According to Yaroslav Yeryomin, Moscow "reiterates its call to refrain from using the issue of human rights to put pressure on Iran"

GENEVA, July 5. /TASS/. The collective West is using pseudo-humanistic pretexts to pursue its course of destabilization in Iran, the Russian delegation to the 53rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council said on Wednesday.

"We strongly reject attempts by the 'collective West' to politicize the human rights issue. The example of Iran shows that the West has been methodically using pseudo-humanistic pretexts to pursue destabilization, a policy it has tested on other countries, up to breaking the constitutional order by inciting unrest and violence," said a Russian delegate, Yaroslav Yeryomin.

In order to accelerate this destabilization, the West has been tightening sanctions that cause major humanitarian consequences for the population, the diplomat underscored. He pointed to obstacles the sanctions created for Tehran in buying coronavirus vaccines abroad, which took a heavy death toll on the Islamic Republic. Unilateral restrictions "still prevent Iran from purchasing medicines to cure complex diseases, including those that affect children," Yeryomin noted.

According to him, Moscow finds efforts "to promote destructive practices to relevant international venues" inadmissible. The decision pushed through by the United States and its allies to expel Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women is "a clear demonstration of such destructive practices," he emphasized. "We reiterate our call to refrain from using the issue of human rights to put pressure on Iran," the Russian diplomat concluded.