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Another attack from Ukrainian forces repelled in Kherson Region, official reports

The troops had to retreat to their initial positions

KHERSON, November 1./TASS/. The Ukrainian armed forces attempted an offensive on Tuesday in the Kherson Region, in the Berislav direction, but were repelled by allied forces, Deputy Governor Kirill Stremousov said.

The Ukrainian units had to return to their positions, the region’s official added. "Literally just moments ago, Ukrainian Nazis attempted an offensive in the area of Berislav from the Nikopol direction, but they were fiercely driven back," Stremousov said.

The troops were forced to retreat to their initial positions, he added.

According to Stremousov, the number of dead Ukrainian soldiers and damaged equipment are being specified. All attempts to break through are unsuccessful, he stressed. "We are not talking about a large-scale offensive, but nevertheless we are seeing breakthrough attempts. So far, no one has been able to break through," he noted.

On Monday, Ukrainian troops also attempted an offensive in the Berislav direction, but this attempt was repulsed. As Stremousov told TASS, the Ukrainian army suffered about 70 casualties.