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Two houses damaged as result of allegedly shot down drone in Crimea — authorities

Everything happenned in the outskirts, head of the Krasnoperekopsk district administration Sergey Bidanets informed

SIMFEROPOL, April 11. /TASS/. The roofs and windows of two private houses in the village of Tavicheskoe in the north of Crimea have been damaged as a result of the fall of an allegedly downed Ukrainian drone, no casualties reported, head of the Krasnoperekopsk district administration Sergey Bidanets told TASS on Monday.

On Monday night, the media, citing sources, first reported about falling shells in northern Crimea and then about a downed Ukrainian drone. There was no official confirmation of this information.

"There is no damage, only the roof is destroyed, and the glass panes went off. That is all. It was a drone, most likely our air defense shot it down. We have the same information as everyone else. It was just falling, it fell behind the village. Everything happenned in the outskirts, some houses were damaged by the blast wave. There were two houses there, the roof of one was badly damaged," Bidanets said.

The district head specified that the old slate, installed 50 years ago, was damaged, while the buildings have survived. The Crimean authorities will help the owners of the houses to repair the damage. "The Prime Minister has already left for the village of Tavicheskoe, the head of the republic said that the situation was under his control. <…> Of course, we will not leave people alone, we do not do so, " Bidanets added, specifying that it has been raining in the area since the morning and construction teams first of all covered the damaged houses from precipitation.