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Russian security services engage in combat with militants in Dagestan

According to the source, the perpetrators are trying to shelter in the woods

MAKHACHKALA, May 22. /TASS/. The national security services are battling militants in the woods in the Khasavyurtovsky District of Dagestan, a source in the security services told TASS Friday.

"A combat contact took place in the woodland between the settlements of Goksuv and Mutsalaul," the source said, without providing further details.

The source added that five people were being wanted. It is unclear how many of them are hiding in the woods.

As the press office of Russia’s National Anti-Terror Committee told TASS, security forces detected a group of militants during an anti-terror operation in the Khasavyurtovsky District of Dagestan. An operation is underway to neutralize them, it said.

A source in the regional law-enforcement agencies earlier told TASS that a group of militants representing the remnants of the so-called Endirei gang was spotted overnight to Friday near the village of Goksuv in the Khasavyurtovsky District of Dagestan. After noticing the security forces, the militants hid in the forest, the source said.