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Code of AI ethics to be put into practice — expert

Anna Serebryanikova stressed that practical activities were required both in companies and in the government

MOSCOW, October 26. /TASS/. Approval of Russia’s first code of artificial intelligence ethics should be fortified by practical actions of companies, President of the Big Data Association Anna Serebryanikova told TASS.

"The most important is that practical activities are required, further to the declaration. Processes in companies are needed, processes in the government are required. Flexibility of regulation should be kept and self-regulation is therefore an important instrument. However, we will probably hardly be able to change our life to the better side without practical application of norms recorded in codes," the expert said.

The code of data use ethics that continues existing and is proactively developed was approved almost two years ago (in December 2019), Serebryanikova said. Forty companies supported Code principles over the past time.

"Self-regulation is an important stage prior to [government] regulation. Regulation definitely lags behind because of objective reasons but it ought to go with a delay. It is difficult to translate ethical norms into rigid regulatory interpretation; they require assessment, discretion and social compact forming under certain principles," the expert added. said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Artificial Intelligence Alliance and certain other entities signed the Code of AI Ethics in TASS in the context of the first international AI ethics forum.