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Hainan's Sanya creates sectoral development platform to boost employment

Sanya is one of the key centers of Hainan's economic development, a significant part of its income comes from the service sector

HAIKOU, September 6. /TASS/. The Sanya administration created a platform to boost employment in priority sectors of the free trade port's development, reported the Sanya Daily.

According to the newspaper, this project is related to the program for the efficient distribution of labor resources province-wide. As the local authorities clarified, one of the tasks is to form an advanced labor market of the international level for the tourism sector in Sanya with public and private sectors' cooperation.

In accordance with the government's decision, this platform has already started operating in test mode. Its development, as noted, will be carried out in accordance with the principles of socialism with Chinese features and provides for active cooperation with other states.

One of the important directions for the use of modern professional personnel in Sanya will be the projects of Belt and Road initiative with the involvement of as many states as possible, including Russia. Hainan's free trade port is expected to set new, more efficient employment standards in the near future, which will accelerate the island's creation of an international consumer tourism zone. At the same time, with the support of the authorities, popular brands and innovative mechanisms will be created, thanks to which the formation of a multi-level industry chain will be accelerated, ensuring a high demand for skilled labor.

According to the official plan, the development of tourism on the island will revive other areas of economic activity, including hotel and restaurant business, culture and sports, media, financial sector and entertainment industry. This process, as specified, involves the use of the latest network technologies, the use of big data sets and the latest developments in the AI field. 

Sanya is one of the key centers of Hainan's economic development, a significant part of its income comes from the service sector. The island's administration plans to transform the city into a leading financial and economic center with advanced infrastructure with the headquarters of large Chinese and foreign firms. This city, also known worldwide as a first-class resort, is transforming from annually, attracting more and more investors.