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Serial production of compass for Arctic begins in St. Petersburg

This is the first all-latitude compass made in Russia

ST. PETERSBURG, May 29. /TASS/. The Elektropribor Concern (St. Petersburg) started serial production of Russia’s first all-latitude ship compass, designed primarily for use in the Arctic regions, the company’s press-service said on Thursday.

"Azimut-KM05D" magnetic compass is designed for use in all areas of navigation, including in high latitudes," the press service reported. "First of all, it is relevant for the Arctic regions. This is the first all-latitude compass made in Russia. The concern has started serial production, and the first batch will be delivered to customers in late 2020."

The compass was designed under the state program on development of shipbuilding and equipment for offshore fields.

According to the press service’s representative, in compliance with the SOLAS Convention (1974), all vessels, regardless of class and navigation area, must be equipped with magnetic compasses. However, standard magnetic compasses are not adapted for operation in high latitudes.

"Sensitivity of their magnetic systems is not sufficient to create a magnetic moment - due to the small horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field. Moreover, given Russia's geopolitical interests in the Arctic, development of year-round navigation in the Arctic zone, and competition for the Arctic, the traffic there has been increasing every year. Hence timely was the task to create a Russian magnetic compass, which could work at latitudes above 70 degrees," the press service told TASS.

Azimut-KM05D will be produced in two versions - basic and advanced. The latter, which includes an automatic correction system, is designed for Arctic and ice-class ships.