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Over 20 Russian Baltic Fleet warships to join naval drills

The naval aviation’s aircraft and helicopters will be involved to secure the combat training missions

KALININGRAD, February 20. /TASS/. Over 20 warships and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet’s Baltiysk naval base will be involved in naval drills that have kicked off in Russia’s westernmost region, Fleet spokesman Roman Martov told TASS on Tuesday.

"Missions in the Baltic Sea will be accomplished by the Baltiysk naval base’s strike forces - small missile ships and boats, minesweepers and also various vessels of the auxiliary fleet. Overall, the maneuvers will involve more than 20 warships and auxiliary vessels of the fleet," the spokesman said.

During the first stage of the drills, the warships’ crews will practice combat training assignments at their base, preparing for the voyage and making combat and everyday arrangements. After that, the Fleet’s individual warships will accomplish a number of assigned missions in the Baltic Sea to practice anti-ship and air defense.

"At the sea training ranges, the crews of warships from the Fleet’s several large units will conduct artillery fire against air and naval targets of various complexity and practice minelaying operations and depth bombing," Martov said.

The naval aviation’s aircraft and helicopters will be actively involved to secure the accomplishment of combat training missions, he added.