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Russian Black Sea Fleet’s latest frigate Admiral Makarov to be based in Sevastopol

The frigate was laid down at the Yantar Shipyard on February 29, 2012 and floated out on September 2, 2015
Admiral Makarov frigate Peter Kovalev/TASS
Admiral Makarov frigate
© Peter Kovalev/TASS

KALININGRAD, December 27. /TASS/. The third Project 11356 frigate Admiral Makarov has entered service with the Russian Navy and will have its permanent naval base in Sevastopol. The Russian Navy’s flag was raised aboard the frigate on Wednesday, TASS reports from the scene.

The flag-hoisting ceremony aboard the frigate was attended by Russian Navy Shipbuilding Chief Rear Admiral Vladimir Tryapichnikov, Baltic Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Alexander Nosatov, CEO of Severnoye Design Bureau Andrei Dyachkov, representatives of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation, the Yantar Shipyard where the frigate was built and local authorities.

"This is a ‘long series’ warship, the third in its series, with high seaworthy characteristics. The frigates have already proven their worth in the Mediterranean Sea and in other maritime theaters of operation," Rear Admiral Tryapichnikov said at the ceremony of raising the St. Andrew’s flag aboard the frigate.

By order of the Russian Navy’s Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, the frigate Admiral Makarov has been assigned to the Black Sea Fleet’s grouping of surface ships with their permanent base in Sevastopol.

The acceptance/delivery certificate for the frigate Admiral Makarov was signed on December 25 at the Yantar Shipyard. The certificate was signed by Yantar CEO Eduard Yefimov and Chairman of the Russian Defense Ministry’s State Acceptance Commission Captain 1st Rank Alexei Poteshkin.

The Admiral Makarov was laid down at the Yantar Shipyard on February 29, 2012 and floated out on September 2, 2015.

The first two warships of this series, the Admiral Grigorovich and the Admiral Essen, also built at the Yantar Shipyard, were commissioned on March 11 and June 7, 2016 and are now performing missions as part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. They participated in cruise missile strikes against targets of the Islamic State (terror organization outlawed in Russia) in Syria.

The Project 11356 frigates are designed to fight hostile surface ships and submarines and repel air attacks on their own and as part of naval task forces. They carry universal missile and artillery armament and feature modern radio-technical capabilities for anti-submarine and air defense.

The Project 11356 frigates have a displacement of 4,000 tons, a length of 124.8 meters, a speed of 30 knots and a sea endurance of 30 days. They are armed with Kalibr-NK strike missile systems, Shtil-1 and Palash antiaircraft missile complexes, A-190 100mm artillery guns, torpedoes and antisubmarine warfare armament. Each frigate carries a helicopter.