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Russian drones to get precision navigation system

The new system was successfully tested on drones in 2020

MOSCOW, May 28. /TASS/. Russian unmanned aerial vehicles will be outfitted with a unique strapdown inertial navigation system produced by KRET Group within the state tech corporation Rostec, the Rostec press office reported on Friday.

"The system’s advantage is that it features high accuracy and offers a possibility of autonomous operation: it can determine coordinates and parameters of the movement of objects even in the absence of ground, sea or space reference points," the statement says.

Initially, this system was used in aircraft-making. Subsequently, it was adapted for drones. Strapdown inertial systems are lighter and smaller compared to platform-based versions and can operate at considerable loads, the Rostec press office said.

"Navigational systems feature the option of operation based on GPS or Glonass in the combined mode or autonomously. At the same time, the systems’ margin error is less than 1% in the normal mode of operation and less than 2% in the autonomous mode," the press office quoted KRET Group CEO Nikolai Kolesov as saying.

The new system was successfully tested on drones in 2020, Rostec said.

"The first prototypes of the latest navigational systems will be delivered for their use on Russian drones already in 2021, the Rostec press office said.