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Depth-2020 diving competition of International Army Games kicks off in Sevastopol

The Depth-2020 competition will run through September 3

SEVASTOPOL, August 27. /TASS/. The Depth-2020 multi-discipline diving competition kicked off in Sevastopol in Crimea as part of the International Army Games, the press office of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet reported on Thursday.

"Today Black Sea Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Igor Osipov took part in a ceremony of opening the Depth multi-discipline diving competition in Sevastopol. Apart from the team of the Navy and the Black Sea Fleet, the teams of the navies of the Republics of Guinea and Mozambique are participating in the competitions," the press office said.

During the first day of the competitions, the teams competed in carrying out a rescue operation at sea and providing medical first aid to a drowning person. The Russian Navy team emerged as the winner in the competition while the teams of Guinea and Mozambique shared the second and third places.

The upcoming stages include rescuing a drowning person and providing medical first aid, searching for and lifting a sunken object, providing life support for a submarine in distress and carrying out underwater wielding and cutting. The frogmen will be accomplishing their assignments in an enclosed space, overcoming a water obstacle course and competing in aquathlon where they will be wrestling underwater wearing fins.

The Depth-2020 competition will run through September 3.