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North Korea threatens US with 'unimaginable' strike

Pyongyang slams South Korean and US naval drills near the Korean peninsula

TASS, October 19. North Korea threatened to inflict an "unimaginable" blow on the US at the most unexpected moment.

That is according to a statement the Korean Central News Agency issued on Thursday in connection with the maneuvers of the South Korean and US Navy, led by the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, which are underway near the Korean peninsula.

"The United States apparently went crazy, when they brought their targets that we had identified as the main ones so close to us. They should keep in mind that our strike will hit them in an unexpected time in an unexpected place," the agency notes.

The US Navy air carrier strike group is conducting joint exercises with ships of the Republic of Korea off the coast of the Korean peninsula from October 16 to 26.

According to the command of the seventh fleet of the US Navy, maneuvers will be held in the Japanese and Yellow Seas. The military drills will involve US destroyers USS Stethem and USS Mustin and aviation of the two countries. US and South Korean soldiers should train how to detect and intercept ballistic missiles launched from the territory of the DPRK.

The situation on the Korean peninsula has sharply deteriorated in recent months, especially after Pyongyang conducted two ballistic missile tests in July. Both the DPRK and the US qualify those missiles as intercontinental.

The UN Security Council adopted two resolutions on North Korea that toughen international sanctions against that country. Pyongyang also announced that it may soon conduct a nuclear test in the Pacific. US President Donald Trump threatened North Korea with complete destruction.