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Hacker group says US biological labs active in Ukraine

A number of outbreaks of diseases rare for Ukraine have been registered in the country in recent years

KIEV, August 25. /TASS/. A Ukrainian hacker group, CyberBerkut, has published the results of its investigation, which say that a network of biological labs is running covert experiments in Ukraine under the US control.

"CyberBerkut continues to follow the covert activities of US special services and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine," the group said in a statement, posted on its website on Thursday. "Recently, outbreaks of diseases rare for our country have been actively discussed on the web. Many Ukrainians believe that they were caused by secret experiments with pathogenic microorganisms, held in US biological labs in various cities of our country. A total of 15 such facilities, financed by the US, have been built in our country since 2009 with an alleged purpose of reducing biological threats."

However, according to the statement, the number and scope of biological threats has multiplied after the construction of those facilities.

"Outbreaks of rare diseases that shocked Ukraine in recent years were probably caused by routine leaks from these labs. However, this scenario appears to be highly unlikely, considering how skilled US specialists are. Most likely, those outbreaks were intentional and were a part of tests on modifications of biological warfare agents with a purpose of testing and improving them," the group says.

According to CyberBerkut, its hackers were able to uncover "the organizational structure" of US biological experiments in Ukraine.

"It is officially claimed that the labs are under the supervision of the Ukrainian Health Ministry. Although, of course, this is just a formality considering that since August 1, 2016, this agency has been headed by US citizen and Maidan activist Ulyana Suprun. In reality, covert biological experiments are being carried out under the Pentagon’s aegis," the document reads.

According to the National Medical Chamber of Ukraine, the rate of infection by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C and other socially dangerous diseases in the country remains among the highest in Europe and the world. The country’s medical community is particularly concerned by the spread of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.

In recent years, the country was hit by several outbreaks of measles. Last year, the southeastern Ukrainian city of Izmail was hit by an unknown intestinal infection. Outbreaks of swine flu, botulism, leptospirosis and other infections have also been registered.