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FSB detains another suspected accomplice in St. Petersburg metro blast

The suspect is believed to have been in contact with the suicide bomber Akbarjon Jalilov

MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. Russia’s federal security service FSB has detained a citizen of a Central Asian country connected with suicide bomber Akbarjon Jalilov, who exploded himself on a St. Petersburg metro train early last month.

"Russia’s FSB, acting under a special instruction from the Investigative Committee, on May 11 tracked down and detained in Moscow a citizen of one of the Central Asian countries, M.B. Ermatov, involved in the illegal trafficking of explosives. He was a contact of the suicide bomber Akbarjon Jalilov, who on April 3 exploded a makeshift bomb on a St. Petersburg metro train," the FSB’s public relations center said.

"At the moment a set of detective measures and investigative actions is being taken to probe into M. Ermatov’s complicity in the terrorist attack that is being investigated," the FSB said.