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Serbia best heed Ukraine’s fate as West instigates Belgrade color revolution — politician

Viktor Medvedchuk stressed that the popular unrest that Serbia’s pro-Western forces were seeking to ignite is being done according to a standard scenario

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Serbia, where the opposition has begun acting according to the classic "color revolution" playbook in the wake of the Balkan country’s recent elections, should consider what a bitter fate Ukraine has reaped from its recklessly blind fealty to pro-Western forces, Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, former head of the now-banned Opposition Platform-For Life party, said.

Medvedchuk, who now leads the Other Ukraine movement, said: "The Serbs should take a look at contemporary Ukraine, which in pursuit of the European dream has become impoverished, and has lost half of its population, [significant] territory and, ultimately, its statehood."

He stressed that the popular unrest that Serbia’s pro-Western forces were seeking to ignite is being done according to a standard scenario.

"Present-day events in Serbia are following the classic color revolution script, where Nazis cloak themselves in the garb of committed democrats and political criminals proclaim that they are seeking to establish order," he said.

The veteran Ukrainian politician noted that the West, which constantly repeats a mantra about democratic values, is in fact not particularly interested in the rights of the Serbian opposition per se, or in its political program in general, but is rather interested only in that segment of the opposition that gets its marching orders directly from the US embassy and will do Washington’s bidding should it come to power; all other points of view are simply ignored.

"It remains an open question as to why [a country should consider] joining the European Union, if [Brussels] will then be picking who gets to govern that country without bothering to take the local population’s opinion into account," Medvedchuk elaborated.

"The European Union is strictly following in the footsteps of NATO, which bombed Yugoslavia without any [legitimate] reasons whatsoever and then proceeded to ‘dismember’ it," he noted. "It is clear that the EU is moving toward the further dismemberment of Serbia and the elimination of the Serbs as a nation."

The politician added that, "the Serbian people can always rely on the support of the Russian people."

"As history has shown, the Serbs will never stand alone and will find the support they need," Medvedchuk stated.

Supporters of Serbia Against Violence, who began gathering on the night of December 18 to protest the results of parliamentary and municipal elections outside the headquarters of the Balkan country’s Republican Electoral Commission (REC), continued their protest rally on December 19.

The second rally, announced by opposition leaders Marinika Tepic and Miroslav Aleksic, began at 6:00 p.m. local time (5:00 p.m. GMT) last Tuesday. Traffic via the main artery, Kralja Milana Street, in downtown Belgrade was at a standstill as protestors chanted anti-government slogans and blew whistles and vuvuzela-style noise-making horns.

They later flung eggs, tomatoes and beer cans at the main entrance to the REC building.

The opposition has been protesting the results of the election to the Belgrade city council, which was won by the ruling party. According to preliminary results from the capital city’s election commission, the pro-presidential coalition received 341,992 votes, or 39.35% (49 seats out of a total of 110), while Serbia Against Violence garnered 297,751 votes, or 34.26%, winning 42 seats.