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US, Germany trying to nudge Ukraine to negotiating table — Bild

The US and Germany want Zelensky to realize that extending the conflict makes no sense for his country, the report says

BERLIN, November 24. /TASS/. The US and Germany want to push Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky toward talks with Russia by providing Ukraine with only just enough weapons to hold the current frontline, the Bild newspaper reported, citing sources in the German government.

"The German-US plan is to supply Kiev with just the kind of weapons and just the right quantity of them to allow the Ukrainian military to hold the current frontline, but not retake the conquered territories," the newspaper reported.

"Zelensky must come to the realization that things cannot go on like this on his own, without demands from the outside," one of the sources told the newspaper. "He must address the nation of his own volition and explain that it is necessary to hold talks."

The US and Germany want Zelensky to realize that extending the conflict makes no sense for his country. However, neither Chancellor Olaf Scholz nor US President Joe Biden plan to make direct demands that he start negotiations. The US and Germany are the largest suppliers of weapons to Kiev.

Bild said the situation at the battlefield is "grim" for Ukraine and that "Russian troops are advancing, albeit slowly." According to the newspaper, the German government's main goal now is to help officials in Kiev achieve a "strategically favorable negotiating position."

"The White House and the chancellor's office are coordinating their actions in this matter," the sources said.

Bild also reported that Washington and Berlin have a plan B.

"What Berlin and Washington want as an alternative to negotiations is a frozen conflict without an agreement between its sides," one of the sources said.

Under that scenario, the current line of engagement will be "a kind of a new border" between Ukraine and Russia. "It would be like Minsk (the Minsk agreements - TASS), but without Minsk," the source said.

The newspaper reported that many German decisions on arms deliveries are now made by Scholz's office, not by the Defense Ministry headed by Boris Pistorius. According to the report, Pistorius is ready to transfer Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, but his "hands are tied.".