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Russia not knuckling under despite Western expectations, French expert says

According to Caroline Galacteros, "Today, Russia is not isolated, despite what Western countries had anticipated"

PARIS, December 28. /TASS/. Russia is not showing any signs of caving or being isolated, despite the West’s assumptions, director of the Paris-based think-tank Geopragma Caroline Galacteros told Courrier des Strateges.

"I cannot see any signs of Russia weakening," she said in an interview with the December edition of the monthly publication. "There were lots of packages of sanctions which have been used since 2014. Russia’s authorities were striving to prevent the sanctions from affecting its population," she said.

According to Galacteros, "Today, Russia is not isolated, despite what Western countries had anticipated." However, the West has encountered a consolidation of nations who insist that it stop seeing itself as the global hegemon, she noted.

Ukraine’s anti-Slavic bias

The French expert said "the West has long been seeking to lure Ukraine into its camp, and to have it connected to the EU and NATO." According to her, "Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine so that the Ukrainian forces who had been waging trench warfare against the Donbass republics would not go on the offensive and attack the self-proclaimed republics again." "Moscow would have had to respond to that situation rather than prevent it," Galacteros argued.

"Ukraine had been plotting an offensive against Donbass," the analyst said. "Three months prior to the operation, Ukrainian bombings resumed in the region, Ukrainian troops moved in, and arrangements for Kiev’s military campaign against the Russian-speaking Donbass [population] were underway, because all this is based on anti-Slavism," Galacteros explained. It’s no mistake that the current deep state in Kiev is referred to as Ukronazis, given the current establishment’s grounding in ties to the Hitler regime and the wartime Bandera Nazi collaborators, she remarked.

Demilitarization goals

"Russia has been pursuing the goal of demilitarizing Ukraine," Galacteros emphasized. "Russia hopes that the Ukrainians will one day realize that they had been ruled by a clique who is absolutely indifferent to their interests while following a suicidal course, to which the Ukrainian people are falling victim," the expert elaborated. She also called for the revival of security mechanisms in Europe.

According to Galacteros, "The United States has been seeking to bring Europe under its control and justify its actions in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan," she said. "But then there is another world that consists of India, Turkey, and Iran, as well as African and Latin American countries. And this world is pursuing its currency system and has been establishing its own structures. Washington understands extremely well, and this is why it is seeking to reinstall control of its vassals in Europe," Galacteros contended. "Many find it hard to understand that the EU is a product of America’s strategy," she said, pointing to a weaker Europe in the energy sphere.

Under NATO’s thumb

"We are being assured that Russia is to blame for all this, but it is not Russia who is behind the Nord Stream gas pipeline blasts," the French analyst insisted. "However, there are also those who believe that Russia itself has been shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant," she added, saying that things get dangerous whenever puppets get out of control.

"What will happen to Europe once the conflict is over?" she wondered. "No longer a geopolitical force, it will be under the power of NATO," Galacteros lamented. She said Ukraine should be neutral because of its location, and castigated Zelensky’s stance as absolutely unrealistic.

Paris security conference

France could be useful to the world if it refuses to obey anyone, Galacteros stressed. "We should remember that we are living in a multipolar and multiregional world where the geometry of alliances is changing," she remarked, recommending that everybody be pragmatic and not to teach others morality.

In hew view, Paris should convene a European security conference that should gather whoever wishes to attend. "We can do much, but our problem is that we lack collective ambition. The key is being aware of the fact that the world is a large place," Galacteros concluded.