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Russia says Google, YouTube failed to delete over 5,200 banned materials since 2015

It is also noted that personal data processing isn’t localized

MOSCOW, June 11. /TASS/. US companies Google and YouTube have failed to delete over 5,200 materials containing banned information since 2015, the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing’s press service informed.

"Since 2015, Google and YouTube have failed to delete over 5,200 banned materials," the watchdog said. "Personal data processing isn’t localized."

It is also noted that Google has not deleted about 30% of harmful content from its search engine.

Currently, the watchdog drew up eight reports over the company’s failure to delete banned content. "The courts have considered three reports so far, issuing fines to the tune of 6 mln rubles (about $83,800 - TASS) for refusing to delete banned content," the press service stated.

In total, Russia has pressed administrative charges against the company five times since 2018, with fines coming up to 9.2 mln rubles (about $128,500 - TASS).

The watchdog also pointed out 29 cases of Google and YouTube censoring Russian media and information sources.

Other social networks

According to the report, Facebook and Instagram have not removed more than 3,700 banned materials since 2015 in Russia.

"Facebook and Instagram have not taken down more than 3,700 banned materials," the agency noted. "Personal data processing has not been localized. Thirteen reports have been drawn up. Courts have currently considered all the reports, 43 million rubles ($600,000 - TASS) in fines have been issued for refusing to remove banned information. Moreover, a four million ruble ($55,800 - TASS) [fine was issued] for not complying with the Russian legislation to localize data."

The watchdog also identified 26 cases of censorship against Russian media and information resources, including TASS. Users also were not able to view materials that included Russia’s state anthem.