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Ten Russians detained by Polish police in Krakow

The detainees were allegedly going to clash with Polish football hooligans

WARSAW, August 6. /TASS/. Polish police in Krakow have detained 10 Russians for allegedly planning to fight with Polish football hooligans, Acting Russian Consul-General in the city Konstantin Shikin told TASS on Tuesday.

"There is no official information yet, but the police department said 10 Russians have been held," Shikin said, stressing that the consulate was waiting for an official statement on the details and circumstances of the detention.

No Russians have requested consular assistance, police added, noting that they would report in case of this request on short notice. "Police have confirmed that the Russians would be provided with an interpreter and a lawyer," Shikin noted.

Now all those detained have been taken to a police department. Under Poland’s laws, they cannot be kept in custody for more than 48 hours unless charges are pressed against them and an arrest warrant is issued by the court.

On Monday, police reported that more than 20 people had been apprehended outside a large shopping mall in Krakow. According to Polish TV reports, most of them come from Russia’s Chechnya and Armenia, and they had planned a brawl with Polish football fans. Police have found weapons and drugs inside their vehicles.

According to Polish television, police had been tipped off about a possible conflict and foiled the clashes, which could have been sparked over dividing illicit tobacco trade market.