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Russian scientists discover new features of magnetic liquids that may improve medicine

MOSCOW, December 6. /TASS/ Researchers from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) have uncovered new special characteristics in the behavior of magnetic liquids, the SPbPU’s press service said. When covered with medical drugs, the magnetic particles will take charge of delivering pharmaceuticals to a specific organ or system of the body.

The magnetic liquids are mixtures of substances where the solid magnetic particles are distributed in the liquid matrix as a suspension. When exposed to the magnetic field, nanoparticles which are freely moving in a liquid become oriented (rearranged) insuch a way that the entire liquid acquires magnetization, with the particles acting as tiny magnets and sticking together.

The collection of nanoparticles is sized depending on the magnetic field’s intensity and the time of the exposure. Additionally, it has appeared that magnetic particles which are not protected with polymer coating can negatively affect the structure of blood proteins (albumin).

"This effect of the magnetic liquids is a unique feature which facilitates the application of magnetic liquids in medical purposes. The particles can be accumulated at the point of maximum intensity of a magnetic field and then follow the replacement of a field implying that the particles can be directed to anyplace in the body," scientists commented. - "To be applicable on a regular basis, this effect requires further study and tests.".