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Fragments of Progress spacecraft might have fallen down in Altai — source

The problems with the Progress MS-04 cargo craft occured shortly after the launch

MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. Fragments of the Progress MS-04 cargo craft, which failed to reach orbit after launch from the Baikonur Space Center on Thursday, might have fallen in the territory of Russia’s Republic of Altain in southern Siberia, a source in Russia’s space rocket industry told TASS.

"Most likely, fragments of the spacecraft fell down in the territory of Altai," the source said.

The Soyuz-U rocket carrying the Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft loaded with 2.5 tonnes of cargoes for the ISS crew, was launched from the Baikonur space site in Kazakhstan at 17:52 Moscow time. The spaceship separated from the carrier rocket nine minutes after the launch. Roscosmos said later that problems occurred shortly after the launch of the Progress MS-04. Telemetry transmission was disrupted on the 383rd second. A TASS source in the space rocket industry said the flight went wrong when the third-stage engine RD-0110 manufactured by a design bureau in Voronezh was on.