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Nasal vaccine against COVID to be registered in Russia in next few days — Health Minister

According to Mikhail Murashko, it is planned to use the nasal vaccine mostly for revaccination

MOSCOW, April 1. /TASS/. A nasal vaccine against coronavirus will be certified in Russia in the next few days. Additionally, it is planned that it will be included in the updated recommendations on revaccination of residents, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Friday.

"I think that in the next few days [the vaccine will be certified]," he told journalists.

The health minister added that the new updated instructional guidelines on coronavirus booster shots that may include this type of vaccine are being prepared. "We planned to include the intranasal vaccine form there. Currently, experts will evaluate it, the efficacy and safety have already been clearly confirmed, and we will update the instructional guidelines," he said.

According to the health minister, it is planned to use the nasal vaccine mostly for revaccination. "We are waiting for instructions, when the experts produce a report, then we will decide," he concluded.

In October 2021, Russia’s Health Ministry issued a permit to the Gamaleya Center to conduct Phase Two clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus in the nasal spray form. This March, the center applied for the registration of its vaccine.