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Emergency alarm sounded on ISS, all systems operating normally now — Roscosmos

Roscosmos specified that "the crew continued regular preparation for today's spacewalk," nothing threatened their lives

MOSCOW, September 9. /TASS/. An emergency alarm in the Zvezda module of the ISS’s Russian segment woke up the Russian cosmonauts, the press service of Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos told TASS on Thursday.

"An emergency alarm sounded in the service module (Zvezda) of the International Space Station’s Russian segment at 04:55 Moscow time," the space corporation said.

According to Roscosmos, the air purification system was switched on to eliminate the cause.

"After the air purification, the crew members continued their rest," the space corporation said.

Currently, all systems of the Russian segment are operating normally, it stressed. "The crew continues to prepare for today’s spacewalk," the press service added.

The press service added that Russian cosmonauts continued regular training for spacewalks, nothing threatened their lives and health.

"According to the data of the main operational control group of the Russian segment at the station, all systems are operating normally, the composition of the air on board the station is in line with the standard indicators," the press service said.

Roscosmos specified that "the crew continued regular preparation for today's spacewalk."