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"New" Putin has a clear vision of Russia's future development - Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov also noted that Russia’s domestic issues are priorities for the President

MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. President Vladimir Putin has a clear vision of Russia’s development in the future, Dmitry Peskov, the President’s spokesman said in a TV interview on Sunday.

The presidential election was held on March 18. According to the final vote count, the incumbent president who ran as a self-nominated candidate, won the elections with 76.69% of the vote.

"The new Putin is a mixture of the Putin, we know and we united around and Putin, who understands what we need in the future. His vision is much broader than that of a normal voter, that's why he gets the support. People know that if Putin says where to go and how to go, he does deliver on his promises," Peskov told the NTV channel.

"Putin has repeatedly argued that he is not a populist," Peskov said. He also noted that Russia’s domestic issues are priorities for the President.

Earlier this week, in a special televised address following the announcement of final results by the Central Election Commission, Putin said that spectacular civic engagement and consolidation of Russians at the March 18 presidential election are crucially important and show readiness to work on a real breakthrough in the country’s development. He assured Russians that the authorities will act openly and discuss their key decisions with people.

The head of state stressed that "all the forthcoming decisions, even the most difficult ones, will be motivated by one thing only, the need to eliminate the backlogs that still exist in various spheres, to ensure the country’s dynamic development and a brand new quality of life for the people, as well as to address the historical challenges that we face today."

"And the most important thing - in the end, all these decisions will be taken exclusively for the benefit of our country, our citizens, our children and future generations," he noted.