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Poland says ready to cooperate with Russia in culture, tourism and history

The forthcoming FIFA World Cup may help rehabilitate contacts between the two states, diplomats say

WARSAW, February 16. /TASS/. Polish Foreign Ministry said on Friday it saw prospects for Polish-Russian cooperation in spheres like culture, tourism and history.

This follows from a reply the ministry gave to a query filed by TASS.

Following a meeting between Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz and the Russian Ambassador in Warsaw, Sergei Andreyev, the ministry said Czaputowicz had voiced readiness "to unblock bilateral relations in selected areas". TASS asked in its query to clarify what specific areas the minister might have in mind.

"Poland states its readiness to seek the forms of livening up bilateral dialogue with Russia and cooperation [with Moscow] on international floor, particularly in the spheres like culture, tourism, humanitarian contacts, and the economy," the ministry said in a press release.

"The forthcoming FIFA World Cup, due to be held in Russia, could help rehabilitate contacts between people, while and a conference devoted to the founder of Memorial association, Arseny Roginsky, which will take place in April at the initiative of Polish embassy in Moscow, might be helpful in the sphere of culture," the press release said.

"In addition to it, Poland is open for constructive historical dialogue, which is made manifest in the joint work of Polish and Russian historians on history textbooks on history," it said. "Their public presentation will take place in Warsaw soon."

"We consider this initiative as a confirmation of the two sides’ capability to cooperate in the complicated but highly important sphere like the history of Polish-Russian relations," the ministry said.