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PM Medvedev not to take Navalny to court to avoid lending publicity to adventurer

Dmitry Medvedev recalled that a number of other persons mentioned in Navalny's film had already won their cases in courts

MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he has no intention to take blogger Aleksey Navalny to court over the critical video.

Medvedev recalled that in one of his previous interviews he already expressed his opinion of the video the Navalny Foundation uploaded to the Internet.

"I have no other commentaries to offer. Why should I make any comments? The more you say about all sorts of adventurers and easy riders, the better for them. In fact, this is precisely what they expect," Medvedev said to explain the reasons behind his decision against starting a litigation. "I’d like to avoid lending extra publicity to such people."

"All those who produce this type of videos pursue one simple political aim - to advertise themselves and to fan tensions," Medvedev told several Russian television and radio broadcasters in a live interview on Thursday. "Bearing in mind the personalities who indulge in all this why should I help them with self-advertising? It won’t make sense at all. Easy riders will be easy riders."

He recalled that a number of other persons mentioned in that film had already won their cases in courts, which ruled the charges were false and should be removed from all media outlets.

"Now the question is how to enforce these decisions and to make the authors of such publications bear responsibility for complying with court orders that have come into force. Those who defy the court rulings must bear administrative or criminal punishment," Medvedev said. "Generally speaking I am for enhancing administrative and criminal responsibility for failure to act on court orders," he concluded and invited the government and State Duma members to give thought to this.