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Russia's top diplomat stresses US 'responsible' for Ukrainian leadership's behavior

Moreover, the Russian foreign minister pointed out that both the EU and NATO "have been actively courting the current Ukrainian regime"

MOSCOW, November 7. /TASS/. The US bears a special responsibility for the Ukrainian authorities’ behavior and their indulgence of neo-Nazis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

"It will hardly surprise anyone," he said.

"The United States bears a special responsibility for the Kiev authorities’ behavior, since Washington has been in fact manually controlling them," the Russian top diplomat added.

Lavrov also said that the European Union and NATO should demand more from Ukraine.

Moreover, the Russian foreign minister pointed out that both the EU and NATO "have been actively courting the current Ukrainian regime."

According to him, the two should, first and foremost, "think about the Ukrainian regime’s readiness to accept the European values."

"First of all, they should demand that the Kiev authorities show respect for the rules of civilized behavior and put an end to the atrocities carried out by the neo-Nazi scum, who try to run things in the country and impose their will," Lavrov added.

The Eternal Flame's desecration 

The desecration of the Eternal Flame in Kiev’s Park of Eternal Glory in an unacceptable violation of all European values, Lavrov noted:

"This is a blasphemy against all the European values and the principles that the United Nations is based on, but such things, the desecration of the Great Patriotic War memorials, have become common in Ukraine."

Lavrov pointed out that "this proves the Kiev regime’s inability to bring radicals to reason, while those feel very comfortable in today’s Ukraine."

"By the way, a thing to remember is that it was a group of radicals and extremists who staged a coup in February 2014, violating an agreement signed by three European countries - France, Germany and Poland," Lavrov said. "It was radicals who then committed massacre in Odessa and a number of other cities, but all these crimes remain unsolved, though the Council of Europe set up a special body to investigate into what happened at the Maidan and in Odessa on May 2, 2014," the Russian top diplomat noted.

"We have not yet seen any results of the investigation launched by the Ukrainian authorities, which has been supported by the respected European organization," Lavrov said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the website of Ukraine’s Espresso TV channel reported that vandals had covered the Eternal Flame in Kiev with cement.