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Israeli army says radical commander eliminated in airstrike on Jenin

Islam Khamayseh was involved in organizing a number of terror attacks in the area, the army’s press service reported

TEL AVIV, May 18. /TASS/. The infrastructure of Palestinian radicals was the target of an Israeli army airstrike on the territory of the West Bank city of Jenin, as a result of which one of the local commanders was eliminated, the army’s press service reported.

"Based on Israel Security Agency (ISA) intelligence, an Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jet and helicopter struck a compound used as an operations center of the terror infrastructure in Jenin. A number of significant terrorists were inside the compound, some were involved in shooting attacks in the area of Jenin and planned to carry out additional terror attacks in the immediate future," the statement said.

According to the military, the strike eliminated Islam Khamayseh, who held an important position in the structure of local armed groups. The Israeli army said that he was involved in organizing a number of terror attacks in the area, including an attack in the Jewish settlement of Hermesh in May 2023 that killed an Israeli citizen.

Khamayseh was the head of the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization in Jenin, the Kan radio said. According to its information, the facility hit by the Israeli air force was the radicals' headquarters. The radio pointed out that the use of a fighter jet in the area is a rare occurrence, the last air strike with this type of aircraft in the area was on October 22, 2023.