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Lavrov is certain all unilateral sanctions will eventually fail

The Russian top diplomat says President Obama has already recognized the blockade’s failure

MOSCOW, October 21. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is certain that unilateral sanctions will eventually fail. He was speaking after talks with his Guatemalan counterpart Carlos Morales, when asked about the US trading and economic blockade of Cuba.

"It is true that the blockade still remains," Lavrov said. "President Obama is unable to achieve a corresponding decision by Congress. But he has already recognized the blockade’s failure."

"I am certain that this is the plight in store for all other unilateral sanctions that are introduced instead of diplomacy, when countries that think they can attain their aims at any cost no longer find diplomacy handy and start swinging the club of sanctions."

 Russian-Guatemalan relations

 Russian-Guatemalan relations have moved on to a new level, the development prospects are good, Lavrov told his Guatemalan counterpart.

"Our relations have moved to a new level over the past 70 years (last year marked the 70th anniversary of bilateral relations)," Lavrov said. "There are development prospects for the benefit of our peoples and international cooperation."

According to the Russian top diplomat, the good sentiment towards the Guatemalans "have grown stronger since your capital’s name brings to mind the location, where the decision to hold the Olympic Games in Sochi was taken."

"Today I expect to discuss our bilateral relations, international issues, the lessons of the World War II that some now are trying to rewrite," Lavrov said. "We highly appreciate your initiative to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."

"Our economic, scientific and humanitarian relations have significant development potential," Lavrov noted. "We have agreed on taking steps to diversify bilateral trade. We have also decided to complete the process of ratifying the Russian-Guatemalan agreement on the reciprocal protection of investments. The necessary procedures have already been completed."

Morales in turn stressed that both countries relations remain strong and stable, based on active cooperation. Guatemala’s top diplomat also said, "Our priority goal is education development. My visit aims at discussing the prospects of bolstering cooperation in the regional organizations, assessing the UN role and exchanging views on Russia’s cooperation with Latin American countries."