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Potential interventionists in Russia to face more tragic consequences than in past — Putin

The Russian leader stressed that the claims that Russia was preparing to attack Europe were nothing but nonsense

MOSCOW, February 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the consequences for possible interventionists in Russia will be much more tragic than in the past.

"We remember the fate of those who once sent their contingents to the territory of our country. But now the consequences for possible interventionists will be much more tragic," the president said in his Address to the Federal Assembly.

In addition, the Russian leader said that the claims that Russia is preparing to attack Europe are nothing but nonsense. "The West provoked the conflict in Ukraine, in the Middle East, in other regions of the world, and continues to lie. Now, they shamelessly say that Russia allegedly intends to attack Europe. You and I understand that they are talking nonsense," Putin added.

"At the same time, they themselves are choosing targets for strikes on our territory, choosing the most effective, as they think, means of defeat. They are talking about the possibility of sending NATO military contingents to Ukraine," the Russian leader pointed out.