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Moscow-led bloc concerned about security threats in its area of responsibility

CSTO countries also reaffirmed their unity amid rising global tensions

DUSHANBE, September 16. /TASS/. Members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) expressed concern about the high level of security threats in the organization’s area of responsibility, according to a declaration adopted at a CSTO Collective Security Council meeting in Dushanbe on Thursday.

"We express deep concern about the ongoing high level of security threats in the CSTO’s area of responsibility, as well as about threats to the sovereignty of member states. We view encroachment on the sovereign territory of CSTO member states as a serious violation and warn that such actions are unacceptable, reaffirming our commitment to previous statements and decisions, including those concerning the establishment of a system to ensure security on the CSTO countries’ external borders, aimed at ensuring their security, territorial integrity and sovereignty," the declaration reads.

According to the document, "CSTO member states condemn the practice of unilateral coercive restrictions imposed by certain countries and/or groups of countries, which undermine the prerogatives of the United Nations Security Council and constitute blatant interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states."

CSTO countries also reaffirmed their unity amid rising global tensions. "In the current difficult situation, marked by an increasing competition between countries, rising global tensions and narrowing room for constructive cooperation in resolving both traditional and new challenges and threats, CSTO member states reaffirm their unity and determination to consistently work to ensure global and regional security and fair solutions to global issues based on universally recognized norms and principles of international law," the declaration said.

As for defense cooperation, CSTO countries intend to pay special attention to establishing cooperative links between defense industries and implementing the plan to provide the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces with advanced weapons and equipment. "At the same time, CSTO member states confirm that military and political cooperation within the CSTO is not aimed against third countries and other international organizations but is solely in the interest of ensuring the security of the organization’s members," the document stressed.