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Putin blasts Russia’s alleged desire for weak Europe as myth

Putin stressed that Russia generally stands for stability, for maintaining territorial integrity of all countries

ST. PETERSBURG, June 6. /TASS/. Russia does not need a weak Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a meeting of heads of news agencies.

"This is a myth that Russia wants Europe to be weak. Why would we need it? We have 40% of our gold and foreign currency reserves in the euro, the European Union is our biggest trade and economic partner," the Russian president emphasized. "Why would we need something quaking and trembling there? This is just ridiculous. But no, they are looking for a ‘Russian trace’ again."

Putin specifically stressed that Russia generally stands for stability, and for maintaining the territorial integrity of all countries. "But life is more complicated than some doctrines, even the ones enshrined in the famous norms of international law," he pointed out. "We understand this perfectly."