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Belarusian Finance Ministry records decline in potash, petroleum products export revenues

It amounted to about $ 382 million, said the Minister of Finance of the Republic Yuri Seliverstov

MINSK, August 1. /TASS/. Exports of Belarusian potash fertilizers and petroleum products slowed down due to Western sanctions and the decline in export revenues from their sales is forecast, Finance Minister of Belarus Yury Seliverstov said in an interview posted on the website of CTV Channel.

"Export of potash fertilizers, petroleum products with consideration of sanctions, certain logistical complications - clearly the volume that was before the first quarter probably, has slowed down at present. We see the shortfall in money value will be up to one billion [Belarusian] rubles ($382 mln)," the Minister said.

"[Export] chains are being established; the price of mentioned potash fertilizers surged several-fold," Seliverstov said. "Therefore, this situation is retrieved at the expense of the price increase. On the other side, export to the Russian Federation we had is naturally growing, considering all these developments," the Minister noted. "This is because colleagues are changing to our market, looking for goods we traditionally have; they remained. Therefore, I do not believe this has critically influenced on our budget," the Minister added.