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IMF experts arrive in Ukraine to evaluate reforms

The new stand-by assistance program from the IMF is planned for 14 months

KIEV, May 21. /TASS/. A delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has arrived in Ukraine to meet with the authorities in Kiev and assess the ongoing reforms.

The delegation’s visit will last two weeks, and based on the outcome, the IMF may decide to issue the next tranche of a $1.3 bln loan to Kiev. Among the key factors that will affect the IMF's decision to continue its financing are the need to bring gas prices for the population to market levels, reforms in the banking sector, and a reduction in the state budget deficit.

Also, EU representatives will be working in Ukraine, and depending on the outcome of the efforts by the fund’s representatives, they may decide to extend the macroeconomic assistance program and allocate a new tranche of 500 mln euro.

The new stand-by assistance program from the IMF was signed at the end of December and is planned for 14 months, when Ukraine can receive $3.9 bln. The first revision of the program is scheduled for May, so after that it will become clear whether Ukraine can count on the next tranche.