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Russia to launch serial production of latest air defense control system in 2021

The system has passed state trials and has been adopted for supplies to the Russian Army

MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. Ruselectronics Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec) will launch the serial production of the latest Magister-SV automated battlefield air defense control system in 2021, the Rostec press office announced on Wednesday.

"The new unified module is designated to reconnoiter the airspace using external and inbuilt reconnaissance capabilities and coordinating an air defense battle. The system has passed state trials and has been adopted for supplies to the Russian Army," Rostec said.

The Magister-SV unified modules are being developed and produced by the Rubin Research and Production Enterprise (part of Vega Group within Ruselectronics). The module integrates a unique optoelectronic station with the functions of automatically spotting, identifying and tracking air targets. A database of optical characteristics of various air targets and specifics of natural interference emissions has been created to provide for such technical capabilities, it specified.

In developing the Magister-SV system, special attention was paid to boosting the stealth and survivability capabilities of air defense groupings. The module’s air defense control subsystem can also integrate future and existing surface-to-air systems capable of fighting attacking elements of precision weapons and multi-purpose drones, Rostec said.

"Software and technical solutions implemented in Magister-SV help fight an enemy’s existing and future air attack weapons more effectively. The unified module integrates qualitatively new airspace reconnaissance means that meet the requirements for the range and the accuracy of detecting air targets," the press office quoted Vega Group CEO Vyacheslav Mikheyev as saying.