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Hainan’s city of Sanya hosted international cultural industry fair – media

Visitors viewed more than 40,000 cultural items in five thematic sections

HAIKOU /China/, January 5. /TASS/. The resort city of Sanya on the southern coast of Hainan Island successfully held a series of events during the 7th China International Cultural Industry Fair held this week. This was reported by the Hainan Daily newspaper, citing local authorities.

"This year's Sanya International Cultural Fair has once again moved to a higher level," the newspaper quoted the Sanya administration as saying. "There was even more interaction, it was even more useful in terms of making deals, and it drew [the public's] attention to the advantages [of the participants' expositions]."

The success of the 7th China International Cultural Industry Fair is said to be largely due to the rich experience of similar events that have been held in past years. This time, visitors could learn about the cultural and tourist potential of the countries involved in the One Belt, One Road initiative projects, particularly, the expositions of Iran and Uruguay. In addition, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of vacationing in Tibet.

Design competitions were held during the fair. This year it was held under the theme "New stimulus in culture - focus on the free trade port." More than 260 companies related to the cultural industry, organizations and enterprises from many countries, government exhibition delegations from 14 regions of China participated in the large-scale event. Visitors could get acquainted with more than 40 thousand cultural objects in five thematic sections.

The main part of the fair was held in Hongshulin International Exhibition Center, meanwhile other parts were held in Sanya’s to exemplary villages called Bohoutsun and Meilianzun. Paintings, books, jewelry, porcelain, embroidery, and numerous creative industry items were among the items on display. Particular emphasis was placed on the innovation factor. In this regard, the public could see the developments associated with modern multimedia projects, film and animation, with Internet technology and artificial intelligence, advanced forms of agriculture and marine economy.

Exhibitions are among Hainan's fastest-growing sectors. According to the forecast of the Provincial Department of Commerce, its scale will constantly grow and by 2025 the income of this sector will exceed 60 billion yuan (about $9.4 billion).