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List of Syrian constitutional committee candidates has 150 names — Russian diplomat

The UN special envoy for Syria is to decide on who will take part in drafting the new Syrian constitution

SOCHI, January 30. /TASS/. The list of candidates to the newly established Syrian constitutional commission has 150 names, the Russian president’s envoy for Syrian settlement said on Tuesday.

"A decision was made to approve the list of representatives to take part in the constitutional commission. The number of representatives was approved at 150 people," Alexander Lavrentyev told reporters during a news conference to sum up the results of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress.

"Representatives who will be put on this list, will be handed over to [UN Special Envoy for Syria] Staffan de Mistura, who will then form from them a certain body tasked with discussing issues of constitution and the constitutional reform," he added.

"The final statement says that de Mistura, naturally, will have an opportunity to determine the format and make-up of the commission tasked with those issues on his own, including to add as may additional participants as he sees fit, but under certain proportions to keep the balance," the Russian diplomat said. "All decisions regarding the number of participants and their identities should be made on the basis of consensus, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254."

"We are ready to offer him further assistance in selecting representatives of various members of the Syrian society, and exeperts to take part in procedural questions. We received de Mistura’s assurances that he will make use of our aid," Lavrentyev said.