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Ukraine's special forces storming tent camp outside parliament

According to Ukraine's news agency, a parliament member may be among those injured

KIEV, October 18. /TASS/. Ukrainian special forces have started storming the tent camp outside the Verkhovna Rada [parliament].

When law enforcers came up running to the tents, activists started to fight back, making the special forces respond with tear gas. Parliament member Yegor Sobolev, who represents the Samopomoshch party, is among those injured, Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency reported.

The clashes began when police officers attempted to take shields from the protesters who hurled cobblestones at them.

The police have retreated to Constitution Square by now. At the same time, at the corner of Grushevsky and Lipskaya streets, a National Guard unit comprising about 300 members has been spotted, who, however, have not yet taken any actions.

Meanwhile, some of the protesters continue to dismantle cobblestones.

The protest outside the Ukrainian parliament, which began on Tuesday, was particularly initiated by Mikhail Saakashvili. Protesters have put forward a number of demands, including the cancellation of parliamentary immunity, the creation of an anticorruption court and amendments to the electoral legislation. On the same day, clashes between protesters and police took place, while protesters set up dozens of tents in the nearby Mariinsky Park, announcing their determination to remain there until their demands were fulfilled. The National Guard cordoned off the pedestrian area near the parliament building.