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Berlin does not support US sanctions violating international law, German official says

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump signed into law of a bill on sanctions against Russia

BERLIN, August 2. /TASS/. Germany believes the US exterritorial sanctions are unacceptable, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry told TASS in a comment on President Donald Trump's signing into law of a bill on sanctions against Russia that was earlier endorsed by both houses of the U.S. Congress.

"This was something to be expected and it's important to see now how Trump will handle the law," the spokesman said. "That 's why we're calling for a close coordination of the policy of sanctions, the way it is envisioned by law."

"As for the ex-territorial sanctions that stand at variance with international law, we don't support them," he said.

The Europeans are alarmed the fact the law contains mentioning of Nord Stream 2, a major new gas pipeline, construction of which has given rise to highly politicized wrangling.

Along with it, the document says the U.S. Administration shall make the exports of American energy resources to Europe one of its priorities.

European officials, the German ones among them, recall that the law makes it possible to apply the US sanctions to the European companies cooperating with Russia in the energy sector. The Germans view this hypothetical application as the exterritorial effects of the law.

This country’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel said last Friday sanctions should not serve the interests of the energy sector.

He indicated Germany’s reluctance to tolerate a situation where a package aiming to restrict Russia would wield impact on European companies.

The Economics Ministry said on its part the impact of the law on European corporations would be tantamount to encroaching on international law.