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Kiev says it's ready to cooperate with US president-elect Trump

However, Radical Party faction leader in the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Lyashko has called the victory of Republican Candidate Donald Trump at the US elections ‘a disaster’ for Ukraine

KIEV, November 9. /TASS/. Ukraine will cooperate with Donald Trump, if his victory at the US presidential elections is confirmed, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian president’s administration Dmitry Shimkiv said on Wednesday.

"We should develop our relations [with the United States] at the level, at which we have been building relations for already many years. We have a lot of friends there. I’m confident that we’ll find how to cooperate in the future, regardless of what the administration will be," he said in comments for the Ukrainian TV Channel 112. Ukraine on Wednesday.

"We’ll work with Trump," he said.

The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration also said that it was necessary to expand "the collation in support of Ukraine" in the world.

Radical Party leader calls Trump’s victory a ‘disaster’

Leader of the Radical Party faction in the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Lyashko has called the victory of Republican Candidate Donald Trump at the US elections ‘a disaster’ for Ukraine.

"Trump’s victory is a disaster. But we, Ukrainians, should deal with our own matters," Lyashko wrote on his Facebook page.

According to preliminary data, Trump has secured more than 270 electoral votes, guaranteeing his victory at the US presidential election.

Ukrainian opposition, Trump and Donbass settlement 

The head of Ukraine's Opposition Bloc party, Yuri Boiko. has expressed hope that a new US administration led by Donald Trump, the winner of the presidential election in the US, will give a boost to the stalling process of settlement in Ukraine’s Donbass.

"The process of the settlement in eastern Ukraine has been deadlocked through the fault of the Ukrainian authorities," Boiko told Tass. "We hope the victory of Donald Trump will give a boost to the settlement," he added.

The so-called Minsk agreements are underlying for the settlement in Donbass. They envisage not only the ceasefire and pullback of weapons, an amnesty and restoration of economic ties, but also a deep constitutional reform in Ukraine to decentralize power, giving a special status to separate districts of the eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

However, all this just remains a plan. None of the items in the political settlement have been carried out as of yet - there has been no constructional reform, the law on a special status to the region has not been enacted, the law on the elections in Donbass has not been passed.

Instead, citing a need to ensure security, Ukraine insists on restoration of its control over a section of the border with Russia, although under the Minsk agreements it should happen only after the elections.

According to most political analysts, this tough position of Kiev comes to a great extent due to support from the US.