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Protesters in Kiev hand over 'call-up notice' to President Poroshenko

"We demand you immediately show up at the military enlistment office at the place of domicile," a poster featuring a call-up paper reads, TASS correspondent reports from the scene

KIEV, February 3. /TASS/. Protesters who gathered in front of the Ukrainian president’s administration building have handed over a symbolic "call-up notice" to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, a TASS correspondent reports from the scene.

"We demand you immediately show up at the military enlistment office at the place of domicile," reads a poster featuring a call-up paper.

Earlier, a representative of the presidential administration called on demonstrators to go away. "The president is not in Kiev, he is currently in Kharkiv. Please go home, or proceed to the reception office," he said. But the crowd demands access to the conference hall and access to live TV cameras.

Some of the protesters are calling to take the presidential administration official who appeared before the crowd hostage until the president arrives in Kiev.

The protesters are trying to get into the building but so far the police and National Guard officers are managing to keep the crowd away from the building.

Earlier, the attackers managed to get through the first line of the national guards and tried to make their way to the conference hall. Police forces were brought in. National guards in full riot gear entered into a fight with the intruders.

The action started on Tuesday morning at the building of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament). Some of the protesters were let inside the building, where they spoke at the press lounge. After that, the demonstrators decided to head to the building of the presidential administration to lay their demands to the president.

The demonstrators are demanding the introduction of martial law and resignation of all key law enforcement figures, including the defense minister and prosecutor-general. Also, they are pressing for the withdrawal of the 25th battalion Kievan Rus of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the area of Debaltsevo. Members of the Mothers’ Union have told TASS their sons could not be contacted for the past few days.