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Right Sector units refuse to obey orders of Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Presidential adviser Yury Biryukov said on TV Channel 5 on Tuesday

KIEV, January 6. /TASS/. Units of the radical organization Right Sector have refused to obey orders of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, presidential adviser Yury Biryukov said on TV Channel 5 on Tuesday, Ukrainian media reported.

“I’ve personally offered a full legalization scheme to the Right Sector. In particular, many options envisaging the compulsory contract service have been offered, but they refused,” he said.

The Ukrainian presidential adviser said that “the armed forces mean first of all discipline, order and the subordination and command system.”

“And when a patriotic union wants to be sort of a legal, but at the same time autonomous unit that subordinates to nobody, this is pure fiction,” said Biryukov.

The Right Sector

The Right Sector was a federation of radical Ukrainian nationalists formed in 2013 on the basis of football supporters’ clubs, known in Ukraine as “ultras.”

While officially declaring their ultimate goal as the foundation of the Ukrainian national state through revolution, at the beginning of their existence the radicals were agitating for EU integration and severing any ties with Russia.

Right Sector fighters formed the core of the so-called Maidan protests in Kiev that eventually led to the February coup and the de-facto breakup of the country.

It is also believed that the Right Sector group was behind the May massacre in Odessa, where dozens of people were killed at a rally against the policies of new Kiev authorities.