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US loses role of great global power, says Italy’s ex-envoy to NATO, Moscow

Sergio Romano noted that "they are in a state of sleep"

ROME, November 25. /TASS/. The US loses the role of a great global power, and consequences of the Ukrainian crisis for US President Joe Biden will be serious, says Italian political researcher, former Italian Ambassador to NATO and Moscow Sergio Romano.

"I am afraid that the consequences will serious for [Biden], because the US loses its role of a great global power. They have lost the authority they gained after World War II, and it is unclear what they are going to do about it. In other words, they are in the state of sleeping," he said in an interview for La Stampa.

Roman added that he believes in the return of US Ex-President Donald Trump "just as much as he believes in the decline of the United States."

"But if they will no longer play the role they used to play, then, in the end, he will not cause serious concerns as well. Overall, an isolationist America is better for Europe. The US got tired of playing a great power, and we do not regret that," Romano noted.