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Terrorists kill owner of car they hijacked to drive to Ankara – A Haber news channel

According to the TV channel, the car was stolen in the province of Kayseri; it belonged to local veterinarian Mikail Bozlogan

ANKARA, October 1. /TASS/. The terrorists who carried out a terrorist attack outside the Interior Ministry building in Ankara arrived in the capital using a hijacked car, shooting dead its owner, A Haber TV channel reported.

The attackers arrived at the Interior Ministry building in a light commercial vehicle. As the news channel found out, it had been stolen in the Kayseri Province and belonged to a local veterinarian from Develi municipality. The body of the car's owner was found in the field.

At around 9:30 a.m. Moscow Time (coincides with local time), two terrorists drove up to the gates of the Interior Ministry building in the heart of Ankara, on Ataturk Boulevard. One of the terrorists triggered the explosive device that was on him. Security guards opened fire on the attackers. The second terrorist was neutralized in the exchange of fire that followed the attack. Two police officers were lightly wounded.